CİSED : Turkish Sexual Health Institute

CİSED defends that individuals’ sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and bodily diversities require human rights protection and that all types of violence, harassment, discrimination, exclusion, and stigmatization are violations of human rights. In this context CİSED recognizes and defends the Declaration of Sexual Rights released by The World Association For Sexual Health (WAS), as well as the opinions and declarations both on LGBT individuals and sexual health sciences released by all national and international organizations including Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association (PSİKODER), American Psychological Association (APA), American Psychiatric Association (APA & Psychiatry), World Health Organization (WHO), World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), European Federation of Sexology (EFS), International Family Therapy Association (IFTA) and German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS).


Board of Directors of CİSED


Sexual Health Institute Association which is called CISED is the organization that holds some of the best mental health professionals and academicians who are prominent in their fields of study. The organization has branches in 11 province and is the biggest association as far as marriage,family and sexual health areas. As well as we are member of The World Assocıatıon for Sexual Health –WAS, European Federation of Secology , International Family Therapy Assocıatıon- IFTA and German Socıety of Socıal Scıentific Sex Research Association.

Since CİSED was establıshed, it has shown extreme sensibility about the improvement of accumulation of knowledge of mental health professionals in the light of the psychology and psychiatry scholarships.Also CİSED has been somewhat precise about on the job training to make ıt possıble for the mental health professıonals to be effectıve wıth theır patiens as far as havıng a close relatıonshıp wıth the them during the proccess of practical treatment. Here are some of the on the job traınıng and certıfıcate programs whıch proceed without interruption.

  • Holistic Sex Therapy Training
  • Dynamically Oriented Psychotherapy Training
  • Family Counseling Certificate Program
  • Marriage and Couple Therapy Training
  • Psychotherapeutic Skills Training

International Congress of Sexology will be held 25 to 27 May 2012 in Munich. (Http:// This congress will be jointly organised by American Academy of ClinicalSeksology, Germany Social Scientific Sex Research Society and CİSED.

We had Prof. Vamık Volkan as a guest last year in Turkey and we will have Prof. Gerald Weeks April 7–8 in Turkey as well.


Our long term goals at the Institute of Sexual Health can be outlined as follows:
  1. Sexual Education should be made legally compulsory starting from kindergarten.
  2. Preadolescence Sexual Counseling and Guidance Services should be made legally compulsory.
  3. Pre-marriage Sexual Counseling and Guidance Services should be made legally compulsory.
  4. Pre-marriage Mother, Father, and Spouse Trainings should be made legally compulsory.
  5. Sexology Departments should be established in Turkish universities as a separate branch of science.
Contact Us
Phone number: +90 312 212 66 26 
GSM phone number:+90 542 519 47 64

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